Kathleen Winters’ new biography of Amelia Earhart was released in late 2010. In this book Kathleen uncovers the myths and truths surrounding Earhart’s legend and flying career. Offering a fresh perspective drawing on new sources and the author’s own flying background, the book examines all facets of Earhart’s fascinating life–from her ancestors to her disappearance. It is available wherever books are sold.

“A refreshing look at Earhart…with erudite analysis of everything from Earhart’s flying to her marriage to her longtime financial support of her parents and her sister, Winters proves there is still much to learn about this American icon.”

“Earhart’s accomplishments have been scrutinized for some time, and Winters’s well-written and thoroughly researched study should serve as a final corrective.”
Library Journal

“Kathleen Winters’s book is full of details I had never known about Amelia Earhart, which put her achievements and ultimate tragedy in a surprising new perspective. The author’s experience as a pilot herself comes through in every part of the book. Anyone interested in flying or women who defy stereotypes will enjoy this book; but it also is a study in the timeless American traditions of marketing and PR.”
–James Fallows, Atlantic Monthly, author of Free Flight

“Earhart’s failure to locate the tiny Pacific island of Howland, in order to refuel for the last part of her circumnavigation of the world, was down to unfamiliarity with her radio equipment. Winters, who died shortly after completing this book, comes to this conclusion with great care. She is concerned, rightly, to keep the poignant denouement from overshadowing the life that preceded it.”
Times Literary Supplement


“Beautifully written . . . Anne Morrow Lindbergh emerges as a more complete and relatable character than ever before, and an aviator long overdue for respect.”

“An admirable array of research. . . . Anne’s important role in early aviation has not been treated as extensively elsewhere.”
Publishers Weekly

“. . . both pointed and modest . . . Charles could have had almost any pilot in the world for his second seat, so his choice is a ringing endorsement . . .”
-–The New York Times Book Review

“Winters’ thoughtful account . . . brings out the truth. With this book, she brings back to us the excitement and adventure of those early flying days, and honors a quiet, courageous woman who became an integral part of it all. I recommend this work wholeheartedly, and with gratitude.”
-–Reeve Lindbergh, daughter of Anne Morrow and Charles Lindbergh

**Voted Best Aviation Writing in 2008 by the Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame